Tilikum #blackfish

blackfishSince watching the movie Blackfish a few years ago I have taken a great interest in Orca’s and especially the Orca’s in captivity at various parks. The documentary film was directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite (@GabCowperthwaitand tells the story of Tilikum one of the largest and longest kept captive Orca’s.

It’s a great eye-opener with some hard to watch scenes including the capture of ‘Tilly’ taking place three decades ago and talks about the mis-treatment of him and others. I would advise anyone who has an interest in animal welfare like my self to watch this film if you haven’t already !! http://www.blackfishmovie.com/ 

The amount of support that has been raised for captive whales since the airing of Blackfish on social media has been incredible and specifically Twitter, with over 65,000 tweets about Tilikum reaching 7.3 million people in just one night! It made worldwide news and rightly so!

This week Tilikum has made the headlines again as Sea World has announced that his health is deteriorating; he has been suffering with chronic illnesses for decades and the Veterinary Specialists who are involved are growing concerned for him.

I think it’s time that the Orca’s and other marine wildlife were moved into sanctuaries so they can live out the rest of their lives in a more natural environment not exploited for human attractions in the future, and hopefully not have to endure a long and deprived life in captivity like Tilikum sadly has.

Orca’s are amazingly intelligent mammals that are highly sociable and live out their lives in small to large pods, their social structures are very complex and most are organized in matriarchal societies. Maintaining a strong group cohesion and communication is essential for the pod which is why captivity makes this all the more saddening.

Make a change

If you want to help and make a change there are many petitions on line, here are a couple of links:




If you find yourself like me, becoming growingly interested in Orca’s then there’s a more up beat film called ‘The Whale’ you should watch – it’s a true story about an Orca called Luna, who lived in Nootka Sound of the West Coast of Vancouver  http://www.thewhalemovie.com/ 


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