Social Media and the Veterinary Profession

Social media has become part of our everyday lives, personally and professionally, so it is good to be clear on the do’s and don’t’s !!

Using Social Media Professionally  

Lots of businesses now are using Social Media platforms to reach out to their customers and clients, including the veterinary industry. It is a great way to stay interacted with your clients and the public. If you are unsure of RCVS guidelines then click here.


Good Practice as a Veterinary Professional 

  • Do not make negative comments about colleagues or other veterinary professionals
  • Do not make negative comments about other veterinary businesses or services
  • Be respectful and protect the privacy of others
  • Maintain and protect client confidentiality by not disclosing information regarding the client and their pet, unless they have given their consent
  • Do not offer veterinary advice in place of the reader actually visiting their veterinarian for any animal related concerns

As long as you don’t use social media as a negative platform to communicate your thoughts, articles, videos and anything else you write or share, then it is a great place to reach out to people!


Some great benefits of social media are:

  • The liking and sharing of missing or stolen pets and the positive results of getting the pet home with the power of social media
  • Bringing important articles to the attention of the public such as dogs in hot cars, what foods are dangerous to pets and many more
  • Free advertising for your practice and their services
  • Sharing veterinary breakthroughs with the public
  • Sharing funny animal videos and pictures (just for fun!)


So, enjoy social media and the benefits and uses it can have !!



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