Looking for jobs with Simply Vets & Nurses

Veterairny JobsWe have a number of vacancies for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses all over the UK, our vacancies are listed at vetsandnurses.com/vacancies but if can’t find what you are looking for and want something more specific then get in touch directly, we will look for your ideal position based on your specific requirements and can sometime find jobs that aren’t advertised anywhere.


If you are looking for locum work, the most valuable information to us would be your available dates, location you want to work, your ideal rates and if you require accommodation, we will keep you updated of any suitable vacancies individually, and we can also send out regular job alerts. If you are looking for permanent work we again would need to know the location, usually this isn’t as flexible as a locum may be, but let us know if you are looking to re-locate depending on on the job.


There are usually a lot more factors that are considered when looking for a permanent position as it’s a much longer term commitment, salary is an obvious one, the practices will usually want to know your expectations early on as they need to know if they can afford you! We always require a CV to register initially, so there isn’t too much need to go over your experience unless it’s something left out of your CV, we are more keen to hear about your future plans, what you are looking for in terms of hours, do you prefer a small team and village location where you get to know everyone, or a hospital based role with progression opportunities, you might want to mention if you have specialist interests that you wish to pursue. Rather than just browsing our adverts you really should utilise us and get us to help find the right job for you, sometimes the right job needs to be hunted and will not always be advertised, we have had some practices create roles for our candidates as they can see the value you could bring to their business.



Simply Vets and Nurses facebookIf you aren’t yet registered with us then send your CV to info@vetsandnurses.com or give us a call on 01633 44 99 59. If you use Facebook then you will be able to see our job updates as soon as we advertise them on your news feed, just go to our page facebook.com/simplyvetsandnurses and give us a like, make sure you keep us as ‘Followed’ and our latest vacancies will be start popping up. Same for Twitter, just visit twitter.com/SimplyVet give us a follow, and engage with us @SimplyVets anytime.