Five must see Christmas movies with dogs, plus one just for dogs!

Christmas movies with dogs


Relaxing with a movie at Christmas? There are hundreds of classic movies that we all like to watch over and over at Christmas, the list we’ve come up with doesn’t include them all as there are way to many to mention, but some of our favourites with dogs as the stars are listed below, and at the end there is a treat for dogs too, a movie made with audio and visuals designed specifically for dogs and to improve their mood!


1. The Snowman and The Snowdog – Channel 4 – 5:55pm Christmas Eve

The Snowman and The Snowdog flyingA sequel to The Snowman, this 2012 film tells the story of a boy’s snowman and snowdog that come alive, they take him on an adventure to the North Pole where the annual Snowman party is in full swing and you’ll see familiar characters from the original film, including Father Christmas! This definitely has the magical Christmas feel, there is a sombre side throughout though, as the movie begins it becomes clear that the family dog has died, and the scene in the back garden is a tearjerker, we won’t spoil the ending but it ends on a similar note to the original Snowman film. It’s only 25 minutes long so easy to fit into the busy Christmas period.


2. 101 Dalmatians – Sky Disney – 1:30pm Christmas Eve

101 dalmatians Christmas sceneThe original 1961 version is not on over the festive period, but the 1996 live action version is on Sky Disney on Christmas Eve, if you want the original there is a Disney streaming service called DisneyLife that offers a 7 day free trial and is then £4.99 (at the time of writing) and has the 1961 version and plenty of other classics.

The film is set in London at Christmastime, Cruella De Vil is looking to steal the Dalmatian puppies to turn into a magnificent coat, Pongo and Perdita set out to save them and others, and with the help of a few animal friends they achieve just that, and the film ends on a festive note when the owners Roger and Anita are celebrating Christmas, and their house is filled with dogs, Roger’s song about Cruella is a great success and they make enough money to buy a large house in the country with space for all 101 Dalmatians.


3. Look Who’s Talking Now Sony Channel – 5:50pm Monday 18th December

Look whos talking dogs making a messThe third film in the Look Who’s Talking series, our dog stars here are Rocks (Danny DeVito), a street-smart mongrel, and Daphne (Diane Keaton), a snobbish pure bred poodle, they are adopted by the Ubriacco family, Christmas is approaching and Molly (Kirstie Alley) is out of work, and James (John Travolta) is working hard for his new boss Samantha (Lysette Anthony) as a private airline pilot, the plot revolves around Samantha’s attempt to get James to her cabin in the woods at Christmas. Many mishaps and mayhem throughout and (spoiler alert!) Rocks and Daphne save the day in the end.


4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (his dog Max!) – Sky Cinema Christmas – 11:45am Christmas Eve

The Grinch and MaxThe classic animated 1966 version (pictured) is not on any television channels over Christmas, the more recent feature length film with Jim Carey is on Sky Cinema Christmas on Christmas Eve, if you are after the original animation then try searching YouTube.

The Grinch is planning to steal Christmas from the Whos of Whoville, and is relying on help from his faithful companion Max, the original is an excellent animation which has a classic Dr Seuss look, Max falls in the snow and pops up with a snowy beard, The Grinch then gets an evil idea to dress as Santa and steal all the Christmas things from Whoville. The Christmas spirit prevails once again in this classic Christmas movie and the Grinch ends up hosting a Christmas feast for all the Whos.


5 Lady and the Tramp – It’s not on TV, you’ll have to buy the DVD or steam via

Lady and the Tramp Christmas sceneIt’s Christmas night in 1909, and Jim Dear gives his wife Darling what looks like a hat box from underneath the Christmas tree, out pops Lady, the cocker spaniel puppy (all these films should come with a dog is for life warning), she grows up and becomes disillusioned after losing the attention of her humans, meanwhile a mongrel called Tramp is living as a stray, living off scraps (the finest Italian scraps), when lady eventually runs off Tramp rescues her and a the pair begin to fall in love, there are some ups and downs and eventually Tramp needs to be saved from the dog pound. The film ends at Christmas (pictured), where Lady and Tramp have started their own family, and all the friends are there celebrate.


And finally….

Louis Walsh Do you find you dog is not getting the same enjoyment from watching your favourite Christmas movies? Then treat them to a Christmas movie of there own, Merry Woofmas is a film created by the channel Christmas 24 (home of many excellent Hallmark Christmas movies!) , it’s been filmed in dogs’ visible colour spectrum, and the scenes are short to keep the dogs attention, there are visual and audio stimuli designed specifically with the dog audience in mind. The film is narrated by Louis Walsh of X-Factor and pop group management fame, and features a Pyrenean Sheepdog called Holly who is hoping to get a big juicy bone for Christmas, the film also has cameo appearances from dog celebrities, such as Ramsey the Staffy who has an Instagram following of nearly 200,000! Here is a Radio Times article with a little more information on the show.


A lot of these and other Christmas movies involve children asking for, or being gifted dogs at Christmas, and the Dogs Trust message “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” is likely to cross your mind while watching them, the message will have been around for 40 years next Christmas and it’s made a great impact, the image below links to the Dogs Trust donation page, who better to give a gift to this Christmas?

Dogs Trust a dog is for life banner