Which Christmas foods to avoid giving your dog ???

Christmas is a great time of year and should be enjoyed by all the family, including your dogs. Most pet owners are already aware of the potentially toxic foods their dogs should avoid, but Christmas is a time where we introduce a different variety of foods, some of which are toxic to dogs.



If you are in doubt, feel free to contact your local veterinary practice for help and advice.



What not to feed your dog (and other pets) this Christmas….


  • Chocolate – Most pet owners are well aware of this already, but it’s an easy one to forget at Christmas and households tend to have much more chocolate lying around. Dogs seem to love it as much as we do but you are not giving them a ‘treat’ by giving them a bit of chocolate.  Even a small amount of chocolate can be highly toxic to your dog.
  • Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake & Mince Pies – There are a few reasons why these foods can be toxic to dogs. 1) they are jam-packed full of raisins and sultanas which are dried grapes (hopefully you are already aware these are toxic to dogs) and as such have serious health risks. 2) They are full or fat and suet which can lead to vomiting and stomach problems or even pancreatitis which is a very serious disease. 3) These foods tend to be laced with alcohol which you should avoid giving your pet.
  • Macadamia Nuts – If ingested, within 12 hours a dog can suffer from vomiting, tremors, depression, weakness and hyperthermia (increased body temperature). These symptoms can last anywhere between 12 and 48 hours.  If you suspect your dog has eaten macadamia nuts please contact your veterinarian straight away.
  • Bones – Once cooked, bones can become brittle and splinter extremely easy. If eaten this can lead to small or large fragments of bone getting ‘stuck’ causing obstruction and irritation or even perforation. Be aware when putting your bins out as our pets and wildlife tends to go through rubbish bags. It is best to put meat and bone leftovers in a sealed plastic bin.
  • Alcohol – It is the time of year where most of us like to get a bit Merry! Like people, alcohol is intoxicating for our dogs too and you should avoid giving them any and any foods cooked in alcohol. If you suspect your dog too of consumed some, the quicker you get them to your veterinary professional the easier and more successful the treatment is.
  • Nutmeg – If you are adding a dash of nutmeg to your eggnog this Christmas, please keep it away from your dogs. It is actually one of the lesser known toxic foods and can potentially cause tremors, seizures, and troubles with the nervous system.


What to do if you suspect your dog has eaten something poisonous…


There are so many foods that are bad and potentially harmful for dogs. So what can you do if your dog is acting funny and you think they may have eaten a toxic food???

If you suspect your pet has eaten something bad for them, you should call your local veterinarian immediately.


Please note – this post is intended as a guide only and not as professional veterinary help. If you have any concerns or suspect your pets too of consumed something toxic please contact your local Veterinary Practice straight away.