How To Avoid Heat Stroke for Dogs

As the high temperatures look set to stay throughout the summer this year, it is important we help our canine friends stay nice and cool during these months. There are a number of things you can do to keep your dog safe from overheating.   1) Keep them in cool […]

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Want to work with an Umbrella Company?

Working with an umbrella company one of the more common methods used by locum veterinary contractors, it’s easier and less admin than running a limited company, and working self employed is not allowed with HMRC if you work under supervision. Almost every role we offer has some level of supervision […]

Looking for jobs with Simply Vets & Nurses

We have a number of vacancies for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses all over the UK, our vacancies are listed at but if can’t find what you are looking for and want something more specific then get in touch directly, we will look for your ideal position based on […]

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Social Media and the Veterinary Profession

Social media has become part of our everyday lives, personally and professionally, so it is good to be clear on the do’s and don’t’s !! Using Social Media Professionally   Lots of businesses now are using Social Media platforms to reach out to their customers and clients, including the veterinary […]

Which Christmas foods to avoid giving your dog ???

Christmas is a great time of year and should be enjoyed by all the family, including your dogs. Most pet owners are already aware of the potentially toxic foods their dogs should avoid, but Christmas is a time where we introduce a different variety of foods, some of which are […]

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Purple and blue fireworks

Keeping your pets safe this Bonfire Night

    All dogs react differently to fireworks; some are oblivious to them (if this is your dog then you are lucky!)  whilst others become extremely distressed and upset. Barking, whimpering and running from different rooms are all signs that your dog is desperately trying to get away from the […]

Are you a Student Vet Nurse or a newly qualified QVN ???

With lots of SVN’s due to take their final exams in May and hopefully pending results become a newly qualified nurse this summer we thought we would put together a few tips and advice to help you when thinking and making decisions for your future as a RVN. Locum work or Permanent […]

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